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Pasta Polish and Wax

What is Pastry Polish?

What is Pasrty?

Pastry is essentially a liquid sanding process; It is a kind of paint solvent physically and chemically.

The part of the pastry that interests us is mostly the small scratches and deformations on the floor. Over time, the color of the boat becomes quite different from the first day due to the damage caused by the brushes used while washing the boat, the dulling of the sun and the sea water exposed during the cruise or for various reasons. In these cases, instead of having the boat completely painted, it is possible to dilute the paint or the top layer of the celcotta with the paste process, to remove these deformations and to cover the scratches.

What is polish?

Polish is both a brightener and a preservative. It is made to create a thin and transparent layer that will not be visible on the paint and is usually effective for 3-4 months. This layer prolongs the water stain retention time and protects it from external factors, as well as making the paint look more lively and bright.

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Pastry Polish Wax how it is made?

Osmosis can be detected early and its occurrence can be delayed with annual periodic maintenance.

As we mentioned above, the paste and polish process are actually two completely different applications. However, the reason why they are always mentioned together is that the paint, which becomes dull, albeit slightly, after the paste is made, requires a polishing process in order to make it look more lively. But of course, you don't need to make a paste in order to polish continuously every 3-4 months.

In order to make paste and polish, the boat must first be washed and dried to remove all dust and dirt. Because the paste will act like sandpaper, it is possible to damage the paint more with the pieces on the surface.

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