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Shining yacht, which also supports boat owners in underwater renovation and repair processes, performs anode change and poisonous cleaning with care and by producing fast solutions. It cannot be predicted exactly how long the anodes will last. If your boat's anodes never melt, it may mean that your boat is moored. However, they will all have to change after a certain period of time. It will cause premature melting in cases such as electricity leakage mixed with water, leakage in the electrical system of the marina or port, problems with grounding, metal pier foot, and metal parts of the boat.

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underwater repair & renovation

Osmosis can be detected early and its occurrence can be delayed with annual periodic maintenance.

All boats must be protected from harmful organisms, which are more than 4,000 types and invisible to our eyes. That's why toxic is used, but pulling the boats ashore for cleaning under the boat can also be costly. For this reason, we provide an underwater poisonous cleaning service with our special equipment with the support of professional divers under the boat in order to get rid of the organisms that multiply in the heat, especially in the summer months.

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